Honored Collectivity of Republic of Belarus
“Musical Capella “Sonorus” of Minsk Region

The Musical Capella “Sonorus” was founded by well-known cultural personality Alexei Shut in 1992. The collectivity consists of chamber choir, orchestra (from 1996) and a group of soloists, what makes it closer to musical chapels of 17-18 century. Repertoire of the Capella is wide and varied, it includes more than 700 compositions of different eras and genres: operas, cantatas, oratorios, chamber music of soloists-vocalists and instrumentalists, literary-musical compositions and spectacles. The chapel performs compositions of sacred and secular music of Belarusian and foreign composers of past ages, actively cooperates with modern authors, and promotes Belarusian musical art in contest of modern European and world-wide culture. Numerous composers not just entrust a first presentation of their composition to Capella, but create compositions especially for this collective.

High professional artistic level repeatedly confirmed with a title of laureate in international competitions and festivals of chamber and sacred music, such as “Mahutny Boža”(Mighty God), “Minskaja viasna” (Minsk Spring), “Bielaruskaja muzyčnaja vosień” (Belarusian Musical Autumn), “Adradžennie bielaruskaj kapely” (Revival of Belarusian Capella), “Muzy Niasviža” (Niasviž Muses), “Zvany Safii” (Sophia Bells), “Kinemo”, “Sakrasong”, “Hajnówka” and “Międzyzdroje” (Poland), “Transpyrenees Music Festival” (France) and others.

Sonorus conducts its concert activity both in Belarus and abroad. The chapel repeatedly visited Russia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, France, Serbia, Spain, Italy, Portugal and other countries with concert tours.

The collectivity constantly represents Minsk Region at republic events and concerts of governmental level on the main stages of the country.

From 2013 the Capella is headed by a Conductor and Magister of History of Arts Alexander Humala. He is a graduate of the Choir Conducting Department of the Belarusian State Academy of Music, and the Department of Opera and Symphony Conducting of the Rotterdams Conservatorium (Netherlands). Alexander is a laureate of international conducting competitions, twice laureate of Grand-Award of Special Fund to Support Talented Youth by President of Republic of Belarus, scholar of the Gaude Polonia Award of Polish Ministry of Culture, honored with highest government award of the Kingdom of Netherlands “Huygens” for musical achievements while studying in the Rotterdams Conservatorium.

In 2015 the Musical Capella “Sonorus” was assigned with the title “Honored Collectivity of Republic of Belarus” for great achievements on the field of musical art and significant contribution to the development of national culture.

Alexei Shut (1946-2012) is a founder and permanent artistic director of the Musical Capella “Sonorus” from 1992 till 2012. Disciple of Belarusian choir school, graduate of the Choral Conducting Class of the Belarusian State Conservatory led by Laureate of Government Award Mikhail Dryneuski who is well-known in our country as talented musical figure. Alexei Shut is an author and the best performer of many original ideas. He existed in the flow of time, felt its rhythms and spirit, had a fine artistic intuition, what’s inherent for great musician. His afflated love for music left no one indifferent. Words of famous Belarussian composer Andrei Mdivani approve this: “Modest and even ascetic in some way Alexei Shut is a clean and bright emotion on stage. Fanatically dedicated to the choir art, he achieved a lot as professional conductor, so as organizer. And whatever he does he is accompanied with fame and success... He don’t speak about choir art, he creates it.” For his impact into development of musical culture of Belarus Alexei Shut was repeatedly awarded with certificates of honor, got the Badge from the Ministry of Culture of Belarus. Also was awarded with the “Medal of Francysk Skaryna” in 2009.

Administrative staff

Антипович Елена ЭрнстовнаDirector
Полуйко Ольга ВацлавовнаTouring and concert activities Deputy Director
Жарко Татьяна АлексеевнаAdministration and logistics Deputy Director
Стрункина Снежана АнатольевнаChief Accountant
Дроздова Наталья АлександровнаAccountant
Романова Евгения ВасильевнаLegal Counsel. Human Resources Specialist
Салахеева Ольга РинатовнаChief Administrator (PR, SMM)
Шпак НатальяChief Administrator

Artistic staff

Хумала Александр ПавловичChief Conductor
Третьякова Марина НиколаевнаConductor
Рибчинский Игорь АлександровичChief choirmaster
Петрова Ольга ВладимировнаChoirmaster. Chairman of the profcom

Technical staff

Сапун Александр ВалерьевичHead of the artistic and production
Глебовская Вера МихайловнаHead wardrobe
Гринкевич Михаил ВладимировичDriver


Агапова Татьяна ЕвгеньевнаChoir Artist. Orchestra Librarian
Багдасарян Эмиль БениковичChoir Artist
Барабицкий Максим АндреевичChoir Artist
Башкиров Серафим ВладимировичChoir Artist
Броновицкий Герман СергеевичChoir Artist
Дорош Галина ИвановнаChoir Artist
Иселёнок Наталья ВикторовнаSoloist of the Musical Capella "Sonorus"
Колпашникова Дарья ВикторовнаChoir Artist
Косарев Михаил АлександровичChoir Artist
Кузнецов Иван ВикторовичChoir Artist
Кучинская Елена ОлеговнаChoir Artist
Ларина Ольга МихайловнаChoir Artist
Ляпунов Александр СергеевичChoir Artist
Пасынков Андрей АнатольевичChoir Artist
Романовский Владимир ЛеонидовичChoir Artist
Сергеев Кирилл ВикентьевичChoir Artist. Choir inspector
Скалабан Наталья НиколаевнаChoir Artist
Сладинская Лариса ГригорьевнаChoir Artist
Смоляк Екатерина СергеевнаChoir Artist
Хабровицкая Екатерина СеменовнаChoir Artist
Чайковская Полина ВладимировнаChoir Artist
Шабетя Владислава ВадимовнаChoir Artist
Шеститко Артем ВалерьевичChoir Artist


Барановский Владимир АркадьевичOrchestra Artist
Верховень Леонид РадионовичOrchestra Artist
Гарон Дмитрий АнреевичOrchestra Artist
Герасименок Оксана АлександровнаOrchestra Artist
Голенков Павел СергеевичOrchestra Artist
Гречухин Геннадий АлександровичOrchestra Artist
Дроженко Ольга АлександровнаOrchestra Artist
Дубовская Юлия ОлеговнаOrchestra Artist
Дятко Павел ВалентиновичOrchestra Artist
Жук Елизавета АлександровнаOrchestra Artist
Киселев Андрей ЮрьевичOrchestra Artist. Ведущий мастер сцены. Инспектор оркестра
Лобанова Марина СергеевнаOrchestra Artist
Мерзликин Глеб АнатольевичOrchestra Artist
Немирская Анастасия НиколаевнаOrchestra Artist
Петрашкевич Эдуард ПетровичOrchestra Artist. Ведущий мастер сцены
Роговцова Юнона ЮрьевнаOrchestra Artist
Романова Татьяна НиколаевнаOrchestra Artist
Стасевич Сергей ВладимировичOrchestra Artist. Stage master
Стасевич Элла НиколаевнаOrchestra Artist
Штерневский Марк ВладимировичOrchestra Artist
Щупак Валерия ЕвгеньевнаAccompanist
Ящуковский Дмитрий НиколаевичOrchestra Artist