We provide professional musical support at all stages of organizing holidays and events. Official events, public holidays, New Year's Day celebration, company’s birthday, professional and public holidays (February 23, March 8), or just a corporate holiday that promotes friendly and cohesive work of the team. Miscellaneous composition of the team and rich repertoire of the Musical Capella “Sonorus” pleases any sophisticated listener.


Your holiday must be favorably different from the others? You want something original? You’re tired of lip-sync pop singers with all the same repertoire? Than you probably found what you were looking for - the Sonorus’s Orchestra. It will make your holiday unforgettable, emphasize its elite level, add delicate and sharm. Repertoire of the orchestra is huge and varied. You’ll believe that instruments in the hands of professionals can create miracles.


Are you thinking about really unusual and atmospheric event? There is nothing better than create it with professional choir singing live. The composition of the choir can be various. The repertoire of the choir includes music of all sorts: from spiritual chants and Gregorian chorales, to opera and super avant-garde choir compositions, movie songs and hits of “The Beatles”, “Queen”, “ABBA” and others.

String Quartet

String quartet is decoration of any event and celebration. Bright artistry and individual style of the quartet will create the atmosphere you need. The musical group offers its services at any holiday or celebration. The repertoire of the quartet is music of different genres and directions. Popular instrumental melodies of different years, jazz compositions, blues. Just beautiful music! ...

Ensemble of Woodwind Instruments

A diverse repertoire allows our ensemble to integrate into almost any festive or holiday event: meeting VIPs and guests before the event, background music during a buffet. The woodwind quartet (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon) will create a unique atmosphere at your holiday!

Brass Quintet

Flourish of trumpets, palatial engagement, Latino American rhythms, tango and jazz – all this included in the performance of brass quintet “Sonorus”. The ensemble of labrosones is the real drive sensation, unrepeatable emotions, boundless set of dance rhythms, romantic impromptu. This is the music of young and beautiful, this is music for you!

Men’s Vocal Group

The men’s vocal group of the Capella “Sonorus” took its place between lovers of quality and elite music for a full due. They conquered and the hearts of melomanes, and the hearts of great half of females of all ages. The repertoire includes compositions of various genres, epochs and moods. Fascinating male polyphony and unique timbre palette will decorate any event and give a celebratory mood.


Real professionals in their field: in addition to music education, they have a great experience of playing on many different stages and on all possible festivals. Our soloists are laureates of international music competitions, scholars of the Special Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus to Support the Talented Youth and the Best Young Musicians of the Capital. The performance of soloists can be accompanied by the concertmaster, ensemble or musical soundtrack. Romances, jazz, soul, pop music - each artists’ appearance on the stage is sparkling and unique. Only live performance!

Musical Instruments (saxophone, piano, violin, double bass, etc.)

Part and parcel of any celebration, whether it is professional, private, international, children's or just a party without a reason, without a doubt, a support of high-quality sound. In some cases, accompaniment of solo musical instrument fits better. Call us. Our musicians are professionals of the highest level, laureates of international competitions, scholars of the Special Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus to Support the Talented Youth. They will help to create unique and original atmosphere at your event.